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Welcome To Ominous Fear

A site that is about music, movies, events, stories, artists, and photography that celebrates the darker side of life. Oh by the way, we are also obsessed with Halloween.

Meet The Team

We are two friends obsessed with Halloween, scary movies, news of the weird and the unusual. If it’s spooky and creepy, it’s likely that we will enjoy it. We even go as far as sending each other Happy Halloween cards all year long.

Because of our intense interest in these genres, we wanted to create a site that celebrates this. We search the internet for news, events, old and new videos and movies, seek out talented artists that may not get the attention through traditional methods, and bring them to a new audience.

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We are in the social media universe. Want to connect? This is where you can find us. You can click on each tombstone to be taken directly to each site.


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