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The Story of Mercy Brown

Mercy Brown

The story of Mercy Brown is one that was not at all uncommon of the time. Tuberculosis was taking souls one by one and when Mercy Brown died in 1892 it was nothing abnormal. More and more souls were taken daily by this disease and there was no cure in sight. Locals in Rhode Island began to think there were supernatural powers working against them and someone was conjuring up spells to spread this dreaded disease.

Mercy Brown’s Mother and Sister had already been taken by the awful disease, and after the locals pushed Mercy’s father into it, the Mother and Sister were dug up for inspection. The locals saw that the bodies were decomposing as bodies would that had been in the ground for some time, but now it was time to inspect Mercy Brown’s body. The things is, Mercy’s body was being held above ground in a vault due to the ground being frozen. So upon inspection she seemed to almost still be alive because she had blood still in her body.

The locals thought Mercy could possibly infect others, meaning that maybe she could come back to life and spread disease. He heart was cut out and burned.

It was also suggested years later that Mercy Brown was the inspiration for a story that has stayed with us for years and continues to grab out imaginations. Bram Stoker was said to have had newspaper clippings from the story at his home and based his novel Dracula on the incidents in Rhode Island.

Have you ever visited Mercy Brown’s grave?



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