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St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans, Louisiana

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

Every time I get to New Orleans I feel my soul get a jolt of electricity and I’m so excited for what I’m going to see next. Two days is NOT enough time for the city of the dead, you need a good year to do and see everything you might want to.

Located at 425 Basin St, New Orleans, Louisiana is the historic St. Louis Cemetery No.1. You will remember it from the movie Easy Rider and from many blogs and stories and photos of it being haunted.

There is so much history in this cemetery that there is not enough space to tell you everything but I learned so much more about the surrounding area as well as many other interesting facts and stories. I met up with our tour guide, Michael Bill, at Bloody Mary’s Haunted Museum a place I wish I could just live. And yes, I know the story of her museum and shop, do you?

I took random pictures of everything and some of them will stand out. The white pyramid crypt is empty as of now but it won’t be once Nicholas Cage passes on to the afterlife. He purchased the crypt in 2010 to be used as his final resting spot. The famous Marie Laveau is buried here as well. She was a Louisiana Creole and a practitioner of Voodoo and a kind human being.

If and when you make your journey to New Orleans look up Michael Bill for any tours you might want to do he is a fascinating tour guide and just a nice soul to have met.

New Orleans is unlike any city anywhere make sure in your lifetime you see it.


Haunted Museum & Mystic Spirit Shop






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