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Rapides Cemetery Pineville, Louisiana

Located on the banks of the Red River in Pineville, Louisiana is the oldest cemetery in the Rapides Parish named accordingly, The Rapides Cemetery.


Within the perimeter of this marshy area is the graves of veterans from every single American conflict from the Revolutionary War all the way up until Vietnam, James Madison Wells who was a controversial governor of Louisiana during the Reconstruction period, and George Mason Graham who is known as the Father of LSU and many more.


The oldest marked grave that can still be visibly seen is that of a boy who died when he was fifteen named Sosthene Baillio in 1809.


The day I was there it started raining and everything was slowly flooding out, my boots were slowly filling up with mud and water and I knew I had an only a little window of time to try and show you what I was seeing. The grass seemed to be growing faster than the lawn mower could take it down and some parts of the cemetery are buried under water. But yet there was an eerie calmness to the land that holds so many spirits, it seems like time always stops and everything is in slow motion when I’m at the older cemeteries, it’s like all the souls wants to see who is the weird girl with black boots and a camera.


I wish I could have had more time here but I’m so thankful for what I was able to get while there and the memory I made as well.


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