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Memorial Mound Bessemer, Alabama

In 1990, a man by the name of Clyde Booth bought a 16-acre lot in the area of Bessemer, Alabama. His idea was to have an earth-covered mound burial similar to something like the catacombs of Rome he studied as a kid. He hoped he could build a place for people to come visit for many years.

But in 1996, only 4 years after opening his doors to burial he shut the doors. He did not operate as a full time service funeral home so Mr. Booth did not have to follow the laws of the Alabama Board of Funeral Service guidelines.

The ground’s stayed open for a few years after that so relatives of those already buried there could still come to pay their respects but in 2000 the doors were locked and everything was closed for good.

Quickly Memorial Mount became abandoned and a source for vandals to steal and take anything they could get their hands on. This left Memorial Mound in a complete state of ruin.

Since Mr. Booth did not have to follow certain guidelines, many of the caskets were not sealed. This led to many of the coffins leaking fluids from the bottom.


In 2014 cave hunters decided to enter Memorial Mound illegally of course, what they found disturbed them beyond belief. They found corpses, seven bodies and the remains of one infant. The cave hunters took photos and sent them to the authorities.


The coroner’s office removed the bodies and took them to the coroner office until families could make arrangements. Once this was accomplished the doors were completely shut for good.

Mr. Booth may have started with a good idea but in the end it wasn’t and he took no responsibility for the fall of his business even up until his death in 2009. It’s one of those truth is stranger than fiction moments.


All photos taken from public WIKIPEDIA pages.

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