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Ferguson – Dennis Cemetery, Leesville, Louisiana

Hello! Come take a small walk with me through the old Leesville Cemetery.

This very vast but quiet cemetery sits on about 6 acres of land and is located off LA HWY 8 in Leesville, Louisiana. The original name for the cemetery is “Ferguson – Dennis Cemetery” but local residents refer to it as the Leesville Cemetery. I was reading through what small historical information I could find about it here but there wasn’t too much out there. I did come across a description of a US Army SGT who is buried there. His name was actually on the bronze plaque I saw as I drove into the cemetery.   

Abraham (Abe) Lincoln Allen – Sgt. 28th Infantry (1)

“During the terrible spring days of 1918, when it looked as though the Germans

We’re going to get to Paris at last, the American troops distinguished themselves

Valiantly at Cantigny.  On 22 May, Sgt. Allen’s company was facing a very heavy

Bombardment of their position.  Allen was severely injured by the explosion of

A shell, which buried two comrades.  Disregarding his own wounds, he dug them

Out with his hands and took them to shelter through a storm of shells & shrapnel.


“One of General John Pershing’s 100 Brave Americans.”


The monument and burial for this veteran is located to the north, adjacent to the sidewalk leading you into the cemetery.  A historical marker is also in this area but its located outside the cemetery located near the highway.


“Sgt. Abe Allen – 1896/1941

 The only soldier from Louisiana to serve under General John J. Pershing

‘One Hundred Heroes’ in WW1, Co. B. 28th Infantry.  Received the

Distinguished Service Cross & Distinguished Service Medal.”

This cemetery is still very much in use for the community of Leesville and when I was there it looks as though it has been well kept.


 There are still areas where you can tell the flooding has taken its toll on all the grave markers and it seems almost as if the earth is slowly embracing them and pulling them down one by one.


Hope you enjoy the photos.


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