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21 Jun 2018

Alfred Hitchcock “Kaleidoscope”: Too shocking to be made

Inspired by a real-life serial-killer case, Hitchcock’s vision for Kaleidoscope was deemed too gruesome and sexually explicit for its time. Read the full article from the BBC

21 Jun 2018

The Changeling (1980)

I’ve known about this movie since the late 1980’s. It is considered one of my favorite horror movies in the classical sense. What I mean is that the movie does have its spooky, scary moments but it doesn’t push you over the edge with it. It mainly scares you psychologically. It does have a couple of mild jump scares but nothing too bad. It is an underrated gem in the genre of horror. For those not familiar with it, the […]

20 Jun 2018

Happy Birthday Jaws

On this day, Jaws was released 43 years ago in 1975. Happy Birthday Bruce!!! (That was the name of the mechanical shark.) Many people were scared to swim in the ocean after viewing this movie. Were you one of them?

19 Jun 2018

Vintage Halloween Postcards No. 1

I want to start off with my first post with a vintage Halloween postcard. Out of nowhere I came across these old bizarre Halloween postcards. I was automatically intrigued and hooked to find more of these. Well, I have found many many more which I will share with you in future posts. In the meantime, I will find out additional details on these wonderful cards from way back when.