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31 Jul 2018

Daniel Kallman – Waynesville, Missouri

We walk this earth and can only hope that in our lifetime we meet and connect with those who love the same things, who love the same music and art, or those who absolutely love and appreciate Halloween the way we do. While living in Missouri I was blessed by the halloween Gods to have met Daniel Kallman, a shiny bright pumkin in a small town I thought I would never like. He will never understand probably just how much […]

23 Jul 2018

Spellbound – Siouxsie and the Banshees

As I watched the episode in the 4th season of True Blood come to an end, there was a sudden burst of music and a reminder that the name of the episode was Spellbound and now here, over my speakers, was the beautiful voice of Siouxsie Sioux wailing and mesmerizing as usual. Anyone that hears this song has to be instantly drawn into another world, whether it’s a dark mysterious land where you are sitting under the stars by a […]

15 Jul 2018
Photo by Marcus Villagran Las Vegas Review-Journal

The Dark Arts Market-Las Vegas

The Dark Arts Market was a one day event on Friday the 13th, highlighting the macabre, occult and dark arts, held in downtown Las Vegas. According to the founder, Erin Emre, she intends to hold another market in the fall. The organizer’s website, Just Us Freaks, can be found here. Check out the article from The Las Vegas Review Journal, which has some pretty cool photos. If anyone attended this event, please let us know.    Featured photo taken by […]

13 Jul 2018

Friday the 13th Facts

Friday the 13th facts: Some have a fear of it called triskaidekaphobia, from Greek triskaideka, meaning ‘thirteen’, and phobos, meaning ‘fear” is fear or avoidance of the number 13. 2018 only has two Friday the 13th: the first was on April 13, 2018, exactly 26 weeks (2 x 13 weeks) after the Friday the 13th in October 2017. Then the second falls on July 13, 2018, exactly 13 weeks after the first Friday the 13th in April 2018. In the […]

10 Jul 2018

Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)

By the time this cassette reached my grungy little fingers, it had already made its way around the airwaves. Joey was a big hit and an amazing song, but that is not what captured my attention. A very close friends amazing Mother had the cassette in her car, she played it, and I could not shake Johnette Napolitano’s vocals or raspy storytelling from my mind. I was late to the Concrete Blonde fan club, but it didn’t matter, it was […]

05 Jul 2018

A dark dance club night featuring Bauhaus

Depending on how you spent your years growing up, this song may mean absolutely nothing to you. But for some, such as myself and my fellow author Bryan, this song meant everything. This song meant is was time to creep on the dance floor and walk slowly to the ever growing population of humans dressed in all black. This song meant it was time to let everything go and let your arms flow around you like you had just grown […]

03 Jul 2018
27 Jun 2018

The Monsters Are Coming To Blu-Ray

You’ve seen them on tv so many times. So much, you consider them family. I’m talking about those classic monster movies. Many of today’s monster movies are heavy CGI (which nothing is wrong with that), but it’s nice to see that the classic costume/makeup/eerie lighting monsters still hold a special place in our hearts.  Universal Pictures is releasing a 30 film blu-ray collection on August 28, 2018 which features originals like Dracula, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, etc. It also […]

25 Jun 2018

The Devil’s Doorway

According to Patrick Bromley from, The Devil’s Doorway “plays like a collection of horror’s greatest hits. Found footage? Check. Demonic possession? Check. Creepy nuns? Check. Children’s laughter? Check. Loud noises? Check.” The Devil’s Doorway is the debut movie from Irish filmmaker Aislinn Clarke. It premiered at Chicago’s Cinepocalypse. The film festival runs from June 21-28 at the Music Box theatre. Read the full article by Patrick Bromley. Anybody seen the movie in its entirety? If so, comment below. We would love to […]

23 Jun 2018

Shearer Cemetery-Abandoned

I am a person who loves strolling through historic cemeteries. It’s a life lesson of history and its people of their time. Where I live, there’s a great handful of historic cemeteries that I have visited and photographed the grounds and wonderful weathered tombstones and statues. Many of them you will find in the Gallery portion of this website. But when an abandoned cemetery is found, I find it very intriguing and want to see it for myself. A teacher, […]