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05 Mar 2019

Sue Wellman and the ghosts of Joliet, Illinois

One of our readers was awesome enough to share this experience with Ominous Fear.   Sue Wellman resides in Joliet Illinois and this is her story:     “I’d like to tell you about an experience I had while on a ghost tour of our Oakwood Cemetery in Joliet, Illinois. There is a Native American burial ground located in this cemetery which was excavated at one time. There were more than 100 remains found, mostly women and children. I had […]

01 Mar 2019

Nightmare Fodder

Lois and Albert “Dutch” Loftin devoted over 48 years to collecting the over 3,000 dolls on display at the Beauregard Parish Library in Deridder, LA. The collection includes rare antiques and collectables from all over the world. When you get a private tour of the collection at night, your imagination will go wild. So here’s our creepy interpretation of what Veronica and I saw that night. HAPPY NIGHTMARES EVERYONE!!! If you would like to see the full collection, the address […]

09 Jan 2019

Hollywood Graveyard

Have you ever wondered where someone famous was buried? Maybe googled Walt Disney or Vampira? Well I did just that and stumbled upon one of the most well thought out and put together YouTube videos showing us all where the dearly famous departed now reside and call their final resting spot.   Arthur Dark along with his friend Giuseppe Vasapolli who creates the background music for the videos, run a YouTube channel called Hollywood Graveyard. He sets out to remember […]

16 Nov 2018

For the dearly departed Nik P. Vollweiler

Today I pay tribute to an important person in my life that was tragically taken from me and also those who loved and knew him. While stationed in Japan I met Nik. We had so many things in common but the love of music was our glue. I played him HOLE and 7 Year Bitch and the Deftones and My Ruin, and he simply bought me an AFI cd. He first bought me the AFI EP called All Hallows which […]

03 Nov 2018
Holy Cross Cemetery: Detroit, MI

Taphophile Entry #1

In my short duration of cemetery explorations, I have come across a few amusing tombstones and statues. So far this one is my favorite. I found this statue as is. I did not do any photo imaging enhancements to its hand except for adding the sunray to the finger. Obvious a result of vandalism, which I do not condone, I did find this quite amusing. To view the current cemetery gallery, please click here.

27 Sep 2018

Deridder Gothic Hanging Jail, Deridder Louisiana

As we get ready to head into the GREATEST part of the year, lets start it off the right way with a little introduction to one the people who cares effortlessly for the Deridder Gothic Hanging Jail located in Deridder, Louisiana. The Gothic Jail is about a 5 minute walk from my house and I pass it every Saturday and Sunday morning when I walk the dogs and I still get “haunted” struck every time I see it. During the […]

18 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018

Halloween Party Music

I searched and gathered some great Halloween themed tracks from the 1950’s and 60’s. Some obscure, some are not. They will make your toes tap, your hips sway, and your shoulders shimmy. Rest assured, there’s no Monster Mash type songs here. Happy listening Please note: I do not own the rights to any of these songs. This is strictly a fan based collection. Track listing: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – “Little Demon” (1956) 0-2:23 Round Robin – “I’m The Wolfman” (1965) […]

23 Aug 2018

Type O Negative Black No. 1

Today could be Christmas and everyone around you could be singing songs of delight and happiness while opening brightly wrapped presents but then suddenly, your goth cousin breaks out their Type O Negative cassette and regardless of where you are at, you instantly shift into Halloween mode. There is no escaping the trance that Peter Steele’s voice puts you in.  There is just no escaping the sound of Type O Negative. This song reminds me of the many heavy metal […]

02 Aug 2018

Art of Heather M Schilling

Michigan born illustrator Heather M Schilling is a talented scratchboard artist who draws with a knife…yes, a knife. The details and expressions she gives her characters are exquisite and memorable. This method takes patience, a great imagination and a keen eye for detail. It is clear that Heather has these attributes and it shows in her work. I reached out to Heather to learn more about her and the illustrations. What made you decide to draw with a knife? Any […]