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02 Aug 2019

Ferguson – Dennis Cemetery, Leesville, Louisiana

Hello! Come take a small walk with me through the old Leesville Cemetery. This very vast but quiet cemetery sits on about 6 acres of land and is located off LA HWY 8 in Leesville, Louisiana. The original name for the cemetery is “Ferguson – Dennis Cemetery” but local residents refer to it as the Leesville Cemetery. I was reading through what small historical information I could find about it here but there wasn’t too much out there. I did come […]

08 Jul 2019

The Story of Mercy Brown

Mercy Brown The story of Mercy Brown is one that was not at all uncommon of the time. Tuberculosis was taking souls one by one and when Mercy Brown died in 1892 it was nothing abnormal. More and more souls were taken daily by this disease and there was no cure in sight. Locals in Rhode Island began to think there were supernatural powers working against them and someone was conjuring up spells to spread this dreaded disease. Mercy Brown’s […]

20 Jun 2019

Memorial Mound Bessemer, Alabama

In 1990, a man by the name of Clyde Booth bought a 16-acre lot in the area of Bessemer, Alabama. His idea was to have an earth-covered mound burial similar to something like the catacombs of Rome he studied as a kid. He hoped he could build a place for people to come visit for many years. But in 1996, only 4 years after opening his doors to burial he shut the doors. He did not operate as a full […]

04 Jun 2019

Little Nadines House

Little Nadine’s Doll House Photo from Wikipedia Located at 1462 1st Street in Lanett, Alabama is an extraordinary burial plot for a young girl who died at the age of 4 in 1933. Her name was Nadine Earles and all she wanted was a doll house. The small dollhouse looks very real with a front porch and mailbox and located inside of the house are dolls and toys for Nadine. Years after her death her parents kept the doll house […]

30 May 2019

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans, Louisiana

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 Every time I get to New Orleans I feel my soul get a jolt of electricity and I’m so excited for what I’m going to see next. Two days is NOT enough time for the city of the dead, you need a good year to do and see everything you might want to. Located at 425 Basin St, New Orleans, Louisiana is the historic St. Louis Cemetery No.1. You will remember it from the movie […]

24 May 2019

Alexandria National Cemetery, Pineville, Louisiana

Alexandria National Cemetery Pineville, Louisiana Located in the Rapides Parish in Louisiana is a beautiful community called Pineville. It’s a smaller area outside of Alexandria which is an open book of historical places and people.   In 1867 the 8 acre area was taken from a local area resident to establish a cemetery which was intended to bury Union soldiers who had died in the area during the Civil War. Of the 1,378 Civil War burials, 507 are known and […]

23 May 2019

Bonnie and Clyde Adventure

In April of this year my father, AKA Pops, came to visit me down in Louisiana. I asked him where he may want to go on an adventure. He wasn’t sure so I suggested the Bonnie and Clyde Ambush site and museum and there was no stopping us! I love anything that is off the beaten path, a place that no one in the world may see unless you take pictures and narrate and bring them there with you. The […]

22 May 2019

Rapides Cemetery Pineville, Louisiana

Located on the banks of the Red River in Pineville, Louisiana is the oldest cemetery in the Rapides Parish named accordingly, The Rapides Cemetery.   Within the perimeter of this marshy area is the graves of veterans from every single American conflict from the Revolutionary War all the way up until Vietnam, James Madison Wells who was a controversial governor of Louisiana during the Reconstruction period, and George Mason Graham who is known as the Father of LSU and many […]

26 Apr 2019

“Now Silent” Episode 1: William Ganong Cemetery-Westland, MI

“Now Silent”: a video series dedicated to cemeteries, their burials and the history that surrounds them. Episode 1: William Ganong Cemetery (Butler Cemetery)   PLEASE REMEMBER: all cemeteries should be entered with respect. Leave them like you found them. Don’t litter or vandalize anything. If the cemetery has posted hours respect that or find out how to get permission to be in after hours. If you can’t get access, enjoy the cemetery during open hours.

24 Mar 2019

Hollywood Community Cemetery: Orange, Texas

I’m so blessed that I live Louisiana which is full of rich history and a cemetery explorers dream. But my next adventure took me to Orange, Texas to a very small place full of history and sadness called the Hollywood Community Cemetery.       Hollywood Cemetery lies on a very small portion of land surrounded by a vacant buildings and a few houses. The cemetery is old and the grass is getting high in some areas, but that is […]