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Alexandria National Cemetery, Pineville, Louisiana

Alexandria National Cemetery Pineville, Louisiana

Located in the Rapides Parish in Louisiana is a beautiful community called Pineville. It’s a smaller area outside of Alexandria which is an open book of historical places and people.


In 1867 the 8 acre area was taken from a local area resident to establish a cemetery which was intended to bury Union soldiers who had died in the area during the Civil War. Of the 1,378 Civil War burials, 507 are known and 871 are unknown. Also buried here are Buffalo Soldiers, U.S. Representatives, retired and KIA military members.

When I drove up to the cemetery the sense of awe and sadness takes you over and also knowing this is a just a small area of the world where the white headstones reside takes your breath away. There is a calm you cannot describe and as a veteran a sense of pride as you walk row by row saying their names.

The cemetery doesn’t feel haunted or have that eerie like feeling, it has a peacefulness and serenity that you can hope only those who have served can now have.

As we celebrate this Memorial Day weekend please take a moment to remember those who paid the ultimate price. It truly is the ultimate price to lay your life down for something you believe in, for those you love and your fellow man or woman next to you on the battlefield.





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