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16 Nov 2018

For the dearly departed Nik P. Vollweiler

Today I pay tribute to an important person in my life that was tragically taken from me and also those who loved and knew him. While stationed in Japan I met Nik. We had so many things in common but the love of music was our glue. I played him HOLE and 7 Year Bitch and the Deftones and My Ruin, and he simply bought me an AFI cd. He first bought me the AFI EP called All Hallows which […]

03 Nov 2018
Holy Cross Cemetery: Detroit, MI

Taphophile Entry #1

In my short duration of cemetery explorations, I have come across a few amusing tombstones and statues. So far this one is my favorite. I found this statue as is. I did not do any photo imaging enhancements to its hand except for adding the sunray to the finger. Obvious a result of vandalism, which I do not condone, I did find this quite amusing. To view the current cemetery gallery, please click here.